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Summertime Beauty Tips
One of the modern miracles of the world. Beauty products.

Especially hair products. 
Dry shampoo, for one. 
I'm not gonna lie, the hippy in me loves taking a break from bathing. 
Leave-In Conditioner, for another. 
It just seems kinda ridiculous to overly bathe in the summertime. I mean, think of the water we could be saving. 
Sea-Salt Spray. 
Go swimming. (No chlorine, please). Sun and air dried hair is just beachy. 
Facical cleansing wipes. 
Be resourceful. Sponge baths are sometimes more refreshing than showers. And you can do them anywhere. 
Rose water. 
If you're the classy type. 
Moistruizer with SPF. 
Be nice to your skin, your hair, your body. 

God, I'm bored. 
I was doing the dishes, and I broke a plate. 
How negative is that? 
Instead of, like, 
"Oh, I did the dishes, yay!"
There's this looming broken plate fixation raining on my parade.

Fuck that. 
It was probably the one that was cracked anyway.