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Net, flicks.
I'm learning there are ways, if I pay attention enough,
to turn the wheel. 

Maybe I've always known how.
Maybe it's the steering I'm now just figuring out. 

I should really be making more of an effort to write daily. 

A lot has kinda been going on the past couple weeks. 
Like a light shining through a roller coaster. 
There's so much stillness from the middle. 

I don't really want to talk about any of it. Not necessarily just because I can't remember a whole lot about it at the moment. 
But, I'm over it. 

I suppose, when someone opens up a conversation with, "You know, I hated you when I first met you."
A strong foundation for friendship there probably will not be.
Except, I laughed. 
Laughter is the best medicine. 
Rids you of all evil's

I'd say I burned a few bridges this week. 
Some are only partially burned. 
On average, I'd say about 3.5
That's okay though, 
Cut off a branch, new roots will grow. 

I've been feeling pulled in a slightly different direction for a while now. 
I want to substitute the word, "called," for, "pulled"
But I'm not sure if that's quite right. 

Had a couple revelations this past weekend. 
I think it's really sad that there are those who would begrudge a younger generation for not knowing, not understanding, the horrors of (x,y,z) their generation, youth, experience, etc.
I mean....
Isn't that kinda the point?
Learning from those mistakes.
To ensure a better future.
--There's so much more I could say about that, but they're just pictures at the moment.-- 

Or is it all about the there and then, 
Who did, or didn't do what when. 

Telling someone that "You just don't understand"
Really just shows a lack of understanding on your own part. 
And a deliberate intention of continuing to defend your own incredibly fallible belief system.
(Defend your limitations, and sure enough, they're yours')

I don't understand that kind of fear and hatred. Contrary to what others' may believe, I have no desire to understand, either. 

Compassion requires not understanding. 
Just breathing. 

And I require chocolate ice cream. 


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