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Friday friday friday-->there'll be sun
Coffee speeds up time. 
Why has no one ever studied this effect? 
I mean, they look at jitters, they look at how it wakes you up, the effect it has on your brain's neurotransmitters and shit, 
But has anyone ever researched coffee's effect on time itself? Nooooooo. 
Pah. Scientists. 
Thinkin' they know it all. 

I'm looking at getting a second dog. 
Hank needs a buddy. 
Motivating the lil' bro to research colleges 
He says if I do so, 
He's moving out.

And I'm thinking....
How is this a bad thing?

I swear, as soon as it stops raining, I'll plant that rose bush.


Okay, maybe sooner. 
And I'll suck it up today and get those tomatoes in the ground. 
I'm sorry tomatoes, I know I've been slacking. 


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